Peluchín explodes against Aneth Acosta for not showing regrets after insulting the Peruvians [VIDEO] – The popular


December 4, 2018 8:30 am

Antonio Pavón was present during the last edition of the "Válgame Dios" program, where he clarified in which context the controversial audio he sent to Aneth Acosta. In addition, the Spaniards showed the complete conversation he had with the well-known fashion blogger.

In this chat you can see it Aneth Acosta He described the Peruvians as "nacos" and compared the passengers with the "mechanics of Carabayllo". It was at that moment that Rodrigo González consulted the mundane if he were repentant or in what his words differed from those of Antonio Pavón.

However, the fashion blogger never responded to the TV host question and claimed that "it was what I felt" at the time. He even accepted to be a classist.

The words of Aneth Acosta angered the popular & # 39; LITTLE GIRL & # 39;, who did not hesitate to attack her. "I find low discrimination in all its forms and racism, and it is also low to show a friend who told you something in private for revenge for something else, when you also have Aneth thatch," he declared. Rodrigo González.

"Antonio is not my friend, he does not work in this channel and there is nothing that I do not want to defend or that interests me." So questionable and so nauseating it seems to me as racist as the baseness of blackmailing and threatening a friend like you " , he added.

But that was not all, the driver of "Válgame Dios" called "opportunist" to Aneth Acosta to know that he would be close to making an announcement. For his part, Antonio Pavón said that the socialite held a private audio of Isabel Pantoja to sell them to Telecinco.



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