Penalty Hamilton, Masi explains the decision

Hamilton “guilty” of not being what he used to be in battling on the track. Hamilton “guilty” of the maneuver at the Copse. Visions, both, of Bernie Ecclestone, before British GP and then the accident at Silverstone, for which he should have served a penalty greater than 10 “ inflicted by the race marshals. Thirty seconds, according to Ecclestone, the correct measure.

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Decision of the commissioners on which Michael Masi tried to shed light, explain how to decide a sanction or not in a given incident. Masi finished in the middle of the curtain via radio with Toto Wolff, hot, immediately after the suspension with the red flag of the race. Toto to send e-mails and explain the reasons Mercedes, Michael to reply as he had other things to do during the race than to check his personal e-mail.

Decision on the fact

“By observing the incident I agree with the stewards and the penalty they applied. One of the main tasks of the role of steward, which has become a pillar for many, many years, is the not having to consider the consequences when analyzing an episode“, explains Masi.

“When they evaluate the episodes they judge the fact itself, the merits of the episode and not what happened later, the consequences. It is something that the commissioners have been doing for many years and it has been recommended to them by everyone, I talk about the involvement of the teams and so on “.

Prevailing responsibility

The college of commissioners, at Silverstone, was made up of Nish Shetty, Loic Bacquelaine, Eric Cowcill, Dennis Dean and chaired by Emanuele Pirro. In deciding the 10 “penalty and the 2 points on his license, Hamilton was retained “predominantly responsible” incident, based on image analysis and telemetry. In the operative part of the decision, it is explained how “(…) Car number 44 was on a trajectory that did not reach the apex of the curve, with space available inside”.

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“If the commissioners started judging by examining the consequences, there would be so many variables to evaluate rather than judging the episode itself”, Masi continues.

I do not know if the commissioners have expressed a view on what he should have done, however, looking at the story, from their perspective he was mainly to be held responsible.

Similar to what happened later with Charles, he could have stayed closer to the apex, which was the point the stewards made. He could have squeezed in further and perhaps it would have changed the outcome, but we don’t know: we have to judge the episode itself “.

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