Penalty in Formula 1: the driver who must start from the pitlane in the sprint and the race

After a month without activity on the slopes, the Formula 1 has returned with a more than special date, since the Azerbaijan Grand Prix will bring the first sprint race of the season under new regulations. On Wednesday it was announced that the mini-race will have its own classification, which will erase the second free practice from the map, in addition to not including its result on the grid for Sunday.

With both qualy carried out between Friday and Saturday morning, the ultimate motorsport competition He already had the starting grids ready until Alpine made the mistake of modifying his car. And it is that under the conditions of the parc fermé, the vehicles could only have changes until before the classification, but the French team did not pay attention to the regulations of the Formula 1 and worked on Esteban Ocon’s car.

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