(ESPN.com) – River Plate beat Peñarol 2 to 1 at the Campeón del Siglo stadium for the first date of Serie B of the Intermediate Tournament. Mirasol once again had a very poor game, and started on the wrong foot in this competition.

With a completely alternative line-up, thinking about Tuesday’s match for CONMEBOL Libertadores, Peñarol took to the Champion of the Century court to face a River Plate eager to straighten out the path after a weak Apertura Tournament.

The first clear chance was at 15 minutes and it was for Darsenero. Matías Arezo defined only in the small area, but the shot came out crooked, after a tremendous neglect of the Carbonero background.

The situation was a warning of what would come soon after. Three minutes later, Rodrigo Abascal could not control a long ball and left it served to José Neris, who defined with great class over Thiago Cardozo for the 1 to 0.

El Darsenero continued to dominate the game, against an improvised Peñarol who could not find accommodation in the game. The situation worsened at 36 ‘with Neris’ second goal for River, after a new loose maneuver by the defense. But the first half still kept a new upset for Mirasol with the expulsion of Sergio Núñez for a double yellow two minutes after the goal.

Carbonero’s performance in the first half was unproductive, without associated play and without endangering Olveira’s goal. River took advantage of the chances he had and played with ease, knowing that Peñarol was a cluster of insecurities.

For the second half, Saralegui made four changes, showing that the initial plan had been very unsuccessful in practice. The development of the match continued quite similar: Peñarol continued to have problems to string together offensive plays, and River enjoyed occasional approaches.

Only at 65 ‘could El Carbonero come to the discount. Mathías Pintos put in a good cross from the left and Matías Britos headed to the far post for the goal. The goal gave another encouragement to Peñarol, who had several minutes in which he showed a more offensive attitude and where it seemed that the tie could be closer.

However, the passing of the minutes did not bring greater opportunities to equalize for Mirasol and the match ended with a defeat for Peñarol at home. The proposal of an alternative team to preserve the headlines for the Libertadores did not result in the local tournament for Saralegui. On the next date, Peñarol will face Defensor Sporting at the Franzini Stadium, while River Plate will be local against Danubio.

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