Penny worth millions of dollars


2019 began with high pennies in dollars.

Everything is due to the auction of a "penny" of 1943 for a close value $ 1.7 million. What makes money special is that it was one of the 20 with which it was made copper by mistake. At that time the United States decided to make its steel coins to use the other metal in the military industry that supplied troops during the Second World War. A mistake led to 20 coins they were made of copper.

The currency of the auction was delivered Don Lutes Jr. in 1947 like a change in a school canteen. The subject, who at the time was 16, held him until his death a last September.

One side of the 1 cent coin.

The existence of coins was known for decades and many fakes wanted to take advantage of it. The government has refused to validate the currency of the Lutes for several years, but the numismatics experts have confirmed that it was part of the batch erroneously made of copper. It is estimated that about 15 coins of this type have appeared.

Do you have any pennies at home?



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