Pensions in Ukraine may decrease – Lazebnaya spoke about the need for reform

The official noted that an insurance pension system was introduced in Ukraine in 2004, which provides for a scheme – the greater the salary and seniority of a citizen, the greater the amount of the pension.

“For five years it worked normally, pensions were 57-60% of earnings. These were good indicators. But then, due to demographic changes, populist, ill-considered and unsystematic decisions, the pension system became underfunded and unfair. As a result, today pensions are 30% from salaries, and in the future, due to demography, we will have 20%. And the coverage of the insurance pension system is decreasing, “Lazebnaya said.

According to the minister, the government has a vision and a roadmap for building a “sustainable, comprehensive” pension system that takes into account the interests of each category of retirees and working people, including those who will not receive the required seniority.

“In fact, the system of support for the elderly that we are building is not limited to three tiers of the pension system … Today we have actually laid the foundations of a 5-tier social support system. It gives everyone a retirement perspective. And mandatory pension savings are an integral part of this. systems “, – emphasized Lazebnaya.


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