Pensions, Salvini: 'Final target of 41 for early workers'


Of course there will be the quota 100 in the reform of the Guest Houses license plate M5s-Lega which aims to overcome the Fornero law. There seems to be a good possibility also for the extension of the experimental regime of Woman option that "has never been questioned", as the Minister of Labor and Social Policies Luigi Di Maio has already explained that, after a meeting with a delegation of workers, he gave a mandate to the ministry technicians to proceed in this direction. Instead, the formula 41 for early workers remains, on the issue Minister Di Maio will meet a delegation of workers to take stock of the situation.

The vice-premier League has spoken yesterday about pensions Matteo Salvini in a video posted on Facebook from the roof of the Ministry of the Interior.

Pensions, quota 100 and women's option in the Budget Law 2019

From the words of the leader of the Carroccio, in addition to reassurances on overcoming the Fornero law [VIDEO] and on quota 100, there are also difficulties in making ends meet for the early quota of 41. Measure that the executive feels right, but seek financial coverage and it is still not clear if he will find space in the Budget Law 2019 that will be launched by the Council of Ministers chaired by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte next Monday and then go to the scrutiny of Brussels and to the Parliament for final approval. "After 40 years or 41 years of contributions for those who reach 62 or 63 – Matteo Salvini said yesterday – it is sacrosanct to retire.

And beware: we can not do everything immediately ", warned the Northern League deputy premier. "And I say – he added – to those who started working early, to early workers, to women who began working at 16/17 years. The final goal – he underlined – is 41 ". But there seems to be, at least for the moment, the necessary financial coverage. "We have no magic wands – said the Minister of the Interior – so we can not immediately guarantee pensions for everyone, less taxes for everyone. However – he continued – all those who criticize this economic maneuver defend the Fornero law ".

We are waiting for news on pensions with 41 for early

"I have seen MPs from the Democratic Party, from Forza Italia, the Court of Auditors, the European Commissioners. If I were you I would be ashamed, "he said turning to those who defend the pension reform launched in 2011 by the Monti Government with the support of the parliamentary majority of broad agreements that went from the Democratic Party to Forza Italy.

"I am proud – added the leader of the Carroccio – that the League was one of the very few political forces not to vote an infamous law that took away rights to millions of young and old Italians and it is my moral duty to remedy this enormous injustice [VIDEO], which above all frees hundreds of thousands of jobs. And real entrepreneurs, not those who are scratching their stomachs and doing philosophy classes, can not wait – according to Salvini – to hire young people in place of someone who is tired, who has a broken back, someone who has arthritis with hands that no longer turn and fingers still. Therefore – he highlighted – it is an act of justice. Overcoming the law Fornero – according to the Deputy Premier League – is a financially useful act, as it is useful to lower taxes to small children, VAT, craftsmen, traders, for them there will be a saving of 10/15 thousand euro per year ".


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