“People do not understand this”

Today, September 29, the coronary restrictions in Sweden are lifted and despite the news pleasing many, concerns are raised in healthcare.

But bacteriologist Agnes Wold is only worried about one thing, reports Aftonbladet.

The corona pandemic has been going on for what feels like an eternity, but today, September 29, the restrictions are lifted. Among other things, the participation roofs at gatherings disappear and all restrictions on restaurants and bars are removed.

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The fact that the restrictions are now being removed means great joy for many. But in healthcare, concerns have risen.

As a also worried is Björn Olsen, chief physician and professor of infectious diseases at Uppsala.

– The figures clearly signal that the pandemic is on the rise again. It is deeply unfortunate to then lift the restrictions and signal that the worst is over. It is not a good reconnaissance into the future, he told Aftonbladet earlier this week.

Agnes Wolds enda oro

Agnes Wold, doctor and professor of clinical bacteriology at the University of Gothenburg, is positive about the opening of society.

Photo: TT

She thinks that those who are fully vaccinated should go out into the community and have fun without any worries about becoming infected or infecting others.

– If you are vaccinated against measles, then you do not go and worry that you will get measles. If you have a hepatitis A vaccine, go to Italy and eat mussels. That’s the whole thing with vaccines, you protect yourself if you are exposed to infection, she tells Aftonbladet.

There is only one thing that worries her and that is all the people who have not been vaccinated yet. In Sweden, it is about 17 percent (16 years and older), according to figures from The Swedish Public Health Agency.

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She is particularly concerned about the people who spread disinformation and conspiracy theories about the vaccine.

– It’s so awful, people do not understand this. Those who believe and spread such things risk the lives of both themselves and others, says Agnes Wold.

“Saves lives every day”

But despite the fact that these are happy days in Sweden and that society is opening up, the Swedish Public Health Agency recommends that all unvaccinated people continue to keep their distance from strangers and be vigilant.

Agnes Wold agrees. She herself has no one around her who has not been vaccinated. If, on the other hand, you know someone who has not done so, she thinks you should try to talk to them.

– The vaccines are extremely effective and save lives every day. Several billion have received the vaccine, and if many had died, we would, for God’s sake, have noticed it now. That is a good argument, says Agnes Wold to the newspaper.

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