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Snow plow driver Kent Bjørnar Einvoll had been closing the barrier in Storekorsnes, and was on his way back when the landslide occurred.

– On the way back, everything turns white. I did not realize then and there that there were landslides. When the snow settled and I drove on, I met the wall of a huge mass of snow that it was not possible to drive through.

He ended up having to stop the car and start running.

– I put on my headlamp, climbed over the avalanche and ran through. I was constantly looking for a way out in case of new landslides. I had a taste of blood in my mouth when I passed by and in safety.

– What I saw that was 2-3 meters high was just a small shovel of snow, but then I came to the landslide itself which was huge.

It was only when he came home that he realized how bad it could be.

– This is the first landslide I have encountered. When I got home in the living room, I sat and thought about how close it was that I ended up in the avalanche. It’s totally sick.

Kent Bjørnar Einvoll came to the area just after the landslide had passed.

Photo: Christian Kråkenes / NRK

Watch a video of what it looked like after the landslide further down in the case.

200 people isolated

The landslides had a width of 140 and 155 meters, respectively.

Fylkesvei 8830 between Storekorsnes and Mikkelsby is closed. 200 people are isolated in the areas by Skillefjord, which is a side fjord to the Altafjord.

Alta municipality announced on Sunday afternoon that no boat transport would be used for the isolated people on Sunday. The reason is bad weather conditions.

Alta municipality announces that the road will open no earlier than Thursday 25 February, but that this is considered continuously.

– We have mapped out who needs food or medicine and we will follow up, says councilor in Alta, Bjørn Atle Hansen.

No injuries or damage to buildings have been reported so far. The avalanche that went on Saturday night took with it the crash barrier, writes Altaposten.

Beate Døvik Lauritzen lives not far from the place where the landslide took place.

Photo: Private

Lives close to the landslide area

Beate Devik-Lauritzen lives in Skillefjordnes, not far from the area where the landslide took place on Sunday morning.

– I feel safe here I live. The house I live in is located in such a way that we are not directly affected. At the same time, it is a bit nerve-wracking to think that we are completely trapped, she says.

Pictures of the landslide that took place in Skillefjord on Sunday 21 February

Large landslides

Trond Jøran Nilsen is a landslide expert at Troms and Finnmark county municipalities. He confirms that the landslides that took place in Skillefjord are of the great kind.

Geologist and landslide expert Trond Jøran Nilsen says it can take several days before the road reopens.

Photo: Kristian Sønvisen Bye / NRK

– At the highest, the avalanche was six meters high. Along the way, the landslide has taken with it a high-voltage pole. So far they have electricity out there, and as far as I know, representatives from the Alta power team have been on an inspection, he says.

Nilsen says it can take several days before the road reopens.

– The wind will increase, which means that it is not justifiable to send in people. With the weather forecast available now, we see that there will be a lot of wind towards Tuesday. In the worst case, it may be that we do not get to open the road before Wednesday or Thursday, Nilsen says.

The landslides took place on the south side of Skillefjord, close to Fjordbukta. The area is very prone to avalanches.

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