People of the year 2019 in sports


Megan Rapinoe is politically committed and still brings world-class performances to the soccer field. Never before has a person shaped a World Cup so comprehensively as Megan Rapinoe the women’s tournament in France in the summer. From her first appearance, the 34-year-old American focused on how off the field. She led her team to defend her title with decisive goals, and she protested against “her” President Donald Trump.

She was named the player and scorer of the tournament, the world soccer player and the American sports personality of the year. Their views on discrimination, equality or gay life have been heard around the world. An athlete can hardly achieve more than Megan Rapinoe in a year. And above all, she proved that the ideal of a mature sportswoman is possible: to do sport at the highest level, but still be open to life. (Dme).

Six – that’s number of the year for Lewis Hamilton after his sixth World Championship title in Formula 1. It has long been about the seven and thus about the possibility of doing sports history. So many titles have only been won by record world champion Michael Schumacher, Juan Manuel Fangio and his five titles have already been left behind by Hamilton “I am working on a masterpiece and have not yet completed it,” says the 34-year-old Englishman. His contract with Mercedes is still running for one season – if he continues after that, his fee should rise to a record high. There is already talk of 50 million euros or more per year. (Witt.)

On May 17th Laura Dahlmeier what many feared: resignation from the biathlon circus. At 25 years old. Freedom instead of training front. The goals had started at least since the double gold from Pyeongchang. Record of six years of top-class sport: 15 World Cup medals, seven of them gold, overall World Cup victory, 20 World Cup successes. And now? Explore new terrain. Start at the World Mountain Running Championships, part-time job as a ZDF expert – and time for climbing tours. (CLD).

Left behind the FC Bayern empire Uli Hoeneß also a special legacy: courage to tear. He could cry in public as fiercely as no other powerful person in this country dared. Of course, the occasion had to be right. Farewell to Franck Ribéry, for example. Or his own, in 2013, when members celebrated the president resigning because of the tax affair. With the second, final resignation in November, the eye remained almost dry. Hoeneß looked like someone who is not moved by melancholy, but by anticipation. And maybe want to surprise everyone again: by not getting involved much at FCB. So far he has been able to do this. For six weeks now. (CEI).


41.21.1. – so they said goodbye to him. The 41 on the jersey, 21 years in the NBA, with only one club, the Dallas Mavericks. Dirk Nowitzki has set standards. “He’s one of the greatest ever,” says LeBron James, himself one of the greatest in basketball history. But Nowitzki was always aware that basketball should not be confused with the reality in front of the hall. He saw himself as a hard worker who trained with his mentor Holger Geschwindner when others were recovering from the season. But his struggle started much earlier. His headmaster at the Würzburg grammar school always admonished him when he asked for an exemption from class because of basketball: “You can’t make money with sport.” (Witt.)



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