People think that Patrick Mahomes sounds like Kermit the Frog and Twitter can not stop making jokes


Patrick Mahomes' voice is not a "new" thing – people talked about it after the first episode of the First Time against the Broncos in the fourth week. However, he raised his head after the Chiefs lost to the Patriots 43-40 on Sunday evening after ridiculous performances by both Mahomes and Tom Brady. In the game, it was all about who had the ball last – but Mahomes still dazzled in the loss.

But his VOICE. People simply never get enough of Mahomes' voice, which sounds like a cross between Ed Orgeron from LSU, Kermit the Frog and Farmer Fran from "The Waterboy".

Honestly, if that voice does not soothe you just to sleep. Andy Reid described him as "frog", and the chiefs made many jokes at his expense.

The most important thing is that his voice makes no sense to his body. It is like looking at a ventriloquist holding the wrong puppet.

Star tight end Travis Kelce told Yahoo Sports that her voice is "as if it were out" The Muppets, & # 39; man, stuck between like, the Cookie Monster and Kermit the Frog. "

But other people have noticed that his voice makes no sense to his body.

Mahomes goes well with the jokes.

He's even getting the talking head treatment.

While others are bringing its appearance into the mix to draw their comparisons.

Mahomes has been noted as a leading precursor for MVP, and even loss for patriots should not detract from those speeches. The offense of the leaders was electric throughout the season. And despite the rumors about how the young quarterbacks like the Patriots (quarterbacks 25 and under now have 0-24 playing at the Gillette stadium against Belichick and Brady, including Sunday night), it was not Mahomes who left the Chiefs to beat on Sunday.

The Chiefs are now 5-1, and the Patriots are in the middle of a wave. The battle for AFC could very well come down to these two teams. We only hope that Mahomes is ready for every game that goes on.


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