People were burning and jumping out, the witness described the tragic fire in Bohumín

She herself lives on the third floor of a house in Nerudova Street, where an apartment started burning in the early evening on Saturday. She was just returning home when she noticed white smoke rising from the eleventh floor on the opposite side of the house. She called the fire department.

“My son went to the other side and called to me that people were standing on the balcony. I described it to the operator on the phone like this: that people are climbing the balcony. But one lady was scared and just ran there in confusion, “a witness to the tragic event told Diary, which claimed eleven lives – six people, three of them children, burned right in the apartment, another five people jumped out of the window before the fire. A dog also died on the spot.

“The police arrived in about two minutes and arrested a man over the age of about fifty. The police in front of me asked him on the spot if he had set the apartment on fire, and he said in a completely calm voice: ‘Yes, he set it on fire’. And when they asked him why, he said, ‘Just like that,’ “says the woman, who, in her words, began to shout at him during this reaction, whether he was normal. “I was screaming that people were living and he just set fire to an apartment and didn’t care about the consequences. They immediately took him in handcuffs and took him for questioning, “the woman described the sequence of events with the addition that it was supposed to be a family disagreement.

Shortly afterwards, the first fire brigade arrived. According to official information, approximately five minutes after the fire was reported. “It simply came to our notice then. The people in the window had their backs burning and they jumped out. That’s the worst thing about it. You expect someone to help you and you are helpless… The son has already started shouting at the intervening firefighters to do something. They used the impact sail for an awful long time, “the woman described the situation from her point of view.

According to her, the house in Nerudova Street, where it started burning, is an ordinary block of flats, but now with a slightly tarnished reputation. “Two years ago, a girl jumped out of the twelfth floor,” said Karin Šípková, who did not know what would happen until late in the evening. Rescue services eventually depopulated the entire tower and people had to sleep elsewhere.


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