Pep Guardiola’s regret


Manchester City knocked out of the FA Cup after being captured Arsenal 0-2. City manager Pep Guardiola sorry for the poor performance of his team in the first round.

City defeated Arsenal 0-2 in the semifinals which took place at Wembley on Sunday (7/19/2020). The defeat of the defending champion is determined by a pair of goals from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang created in each round.

Overall, Man City is dominant, but it is deadly. With 71 percent possession, City created 16 experiments but only one headed towards goal.

The spotlight is on City because of their first half performance. The Citizens blunted after failing to direct its five trials. City’s performance improved in the second half by releasing 11 additional trials even though only one that led to the Arsenal goal.

These results mark City’s first failure to win a duel in the domestic cup since February 2018. Guardiola admitted City deserved defeat.

“We did not perform well,” Guardiola was quoted as saying Omnisport. “We can indeed lose the match. My regret is that we did not play the first round as we played the second round.”

“Sometimes it happens. This is an incredible pace but sometimes you can indeed lose. But the way we lost, especially in the first round, we are sad about this.”

Furthermore, Manchester City will play the last two Premier League matches against Watford and Norwich City before entertaining Real Madrid in the second leg of the last 16 round.

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