Pepe Gámez dies of laughter with imitations of Raymond Arrieta – Metro Puerto Rico

The third finalist of ‘The House of the Famous’Pepe Gámez, is enjoying his stay in Puerto Rico after finishing the Telemundo ‘reality show’ where the Puerto Rican was the winner Madison Anderson Berrios.

During his visit he has attended various television programs on the local network, including the Día a Día program where the entertainer Raymond Arrieta made him laugh non-stop with his imitations of Osmel Sousa “Chosmel” y Hector Sandarti “Sardine” whom he imitates in “Raymond and his Friends”.

At one point in the interview, Arrietasat in the “confessional” just like you do in “The House of the Famous” and imitated Osmel Sousa.

“Boss, I need a rocking chair,” he said. Raymond which made the Mexican laugh out loud. He then began to imitate Sandarti who is the animator of “The House of the Famous”.

Gámez shared that he will be on the island until today, Saturday, and that he hopes to try Mofongo and leave Chinchorreo.

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Pepe Gámez is “fascinated” with Puerto Rico after surprising Madison

“I am fascinated, I am left with a great taste in my mouth”. In this way, the Mexican actor Pepe Gámez, who was third finalist in the Telemundo program “La Casa de los Famosos”, expressed himself about his surprise arrival in Puerto Rico.

The actor indicated that he will be in Puerto Rico until Saturday, since he was traveled by the Telemundo network.

“I’m going to visit Puerto Rico, I want to try the Mofongos,” said Gámez.

When asked by the host Víctor Santiago from Día a Día about who he will be with on the island, Gámez diverted attention and asked him to accompany him to some beers in Puerto Rico. Fans of the Telemundo reality show have linked the actor with the Puerto Rican contest winner Madison Anderson Berríos, who recently hinted that she is single.

“Let’s see if Madison also has a little time to invite her, I don’t know, the company brings me so I’m going to let myself attend,” he added.

Who is “Pepe” Gamez? The heartthrob that many want for Madison Anderson

One of the duos that gave more to talk about in the third season of “La casa de los famosos” (Telemundo), was the friendship between the Puerto Rican Madison Anderson Berríos, 27, and the Mexican actor José “Pepe” Gámez.

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Despite the fact that Gámez, 39 years old and third place in the recently completed season, nominated five times for Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019, both had good chemistry in the final weeks of competition.

So much was the support of both from the fans that they created the “Pepison” movement on social networks, which they say “was a soap opera.”

“Pepe”, who was one of the clear favorites of viewers since he was saved from elimination five times, has participated in well-known series and soap operas on the Telemundo network.

Among them: “Pasión prohibida”, “Dueños del paraíso”, “Mariposa de barrio”, “Falsa identidad”, the unitary “Decisiones” and we currently see it every night in “Juego de Mentiras”. The latter is broadcast on the island at 11:30 p.m.

After leaving the home-studio, located in Mexico, both Madison and “Pepe” have made it clear that they are friends and were surprised by the public’s occurrences.

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The Puerto Rican won a briefcase with 200,000 dollars as a prize after being supported seven times by the public.

The fourth season of The House of Celebrities will premiere next year 2024.

Who is Conn Davis, the now ex-boyfriend of Madison Anderson Berríos?

After the victory of the Puerto Rican, Madison Anderson Berriosit came to light that her boyfriend Conn Davis It was not required at the important moment and that she would no longer be in a relationship with him.

This detail has attracted attention, because, according to rumors on social networks, Telemundo did not allow the winner’s partner to enter, due to various problems.

Conn Davis watched the final from his car

Through social networks, Conn He shared that he did see the finale of the reality show, while on his way to the studio, although, in the end, he was not allowed to enter the venue.

It should be noted that while the beauty queen was on the program, her boyfriend stated, on several occasions, that he had decided to break all ties with her, without her knowing, because let us remember that she remained isolated for several months.

Now that Madison has left the house, as the absolute winner, she has stated that she plans to clear everything up with her boyfriend.

Madison Anderson Berrioshinted in an interview with the program “Today” that she is single after speaking with Conn Daviswith whom he had been in a relationship for three months before entering the competition.

However, this newspaper learned that the young woman ended her courtship with the businessman on Tuesday night, with whom she had only been with for a few months.

The also viceroy of Miss Universe 2019assured that she is focused on her career as a singer and actress after winning “The house of celebrities 3”.

“I just got my phone yesterday and I saw a lot of things. Yes, I was able to talk to him and it’s good that I was able to talk to him, to my family… Right now I want to talk about my experience, how I feel about this very special victory,” said Madison.

“At the moment I am very focused on my career and now I want to talk about what we are currently doing,” she added.

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