Perfect Dark is one of his projects

The Canadian company continues its development efforts on Marvel’s Avengers as well.

A few hours ago The Initiative announced by surprise the signing of Crystal Dynamics to collaborate in the development of the new Perfect Dark, a move that could have raised doubts about the future of the new Tomb Raider. There is nothing to worry about. From the Canadian team they responded soon on social networks that they are still working on the new installment of the veteran franchise.

“We are delighted to add Perfect Dark to our development efforts together with Marvel’s Avengers and Tomb Raider,” they highlighted on Twitter, thus making it clear that the company has no intention of putting aside the saga starring Lara Croft.

If you have followed the news of its new installment, it was confirmed informally at the beginning of the year, with those responsible for the Square Enix study dropping their intention to unify the timelines of the action-adventure series. In this information they also confirmed that the news about the video game would take time to arrive. “Given the long history of Tomb Raider, this is not an easy task, and we ask for your patience as we continue with the development process,” they stated.

First month of Xbox Game Pass for € 1

As for Marvel’s Avengers, a few days ago it was confirmed the arrival of Spider-Man to the video game before the end of the year, while in August the expansion of Wakanda War that momentarily raised its asset figures.

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Perfect Dark it was announced at the end of last year using a kinematics. Since then there has been little news about the video game, until this movement. What we do know is that Perfect Dark will launch on Xbox Game Pass, a service that you can join paying only one euro for the first month to access a library with hundreds of games at no additional cost.

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