Perfect Storm – The Province

Mr. González-Barba Pera, Secretary of State for the European Union, is the last passerby sent by Mr. Sánchez to certify that the Canary Islands are in a “perfect storm” due to the combined pandemic and economic crisis, to which is added a “ extreme situation ”due to the massive arrival of migrants in boats. The marauder, however, lit the flame of a lighter and announced, possessed by a revelation, that the clarity of the vaccine and the European manna will make us happy. Nothing new. It is necessary to clarify what happens: a population of thousands of migrants, distributed among hotels, apartments, camps and reception centers, cannot be resided in the same way as a convoy of Central European tourists, as if socio-cultural differences were out of play with the blow of a magic wand. The State has chosen the option of using the Islands as a border against the Peninsula and the EU, and therefore it is the first person responsible for any xenophobic outbreak encouraged by certain political interests that manipulate reality (multiply incidents with migrants) and that have among those affected by the economic recession his best clients. The coalition of the PSOE and Unidos Podemos denies its political values ​​and is entrenched in the most absolute pragmatism to solve an integration problem from pride. The more time passes, the more danger increases. As of today there should be a true army of experts in social, cultural and labor matters to attend to the coexistence of the migrant group on the island where they have been settled. It is very easy to understand, Mr. González-Barba Pera, your marginalization in temporary spaces and your wandering in places with zero tourism increases the risk of conflict. Served not only in terms of food and shelter needs, but also educational needs, a message of respect is sought in the face of those who have found in them the scapegoat for their ills. The Arguineguín pier and the slavering smell it gave off are part of the past, but the option of taking them to tourist establishments opens up new challenges that cannot be solved with a walk through Gran Canaria by a political envoy. The erratic strategy of Escribá, Marlaska, Darias and González-Barba, and those who will come later, fuels the idea of ​​the Archipelago as incandescent territory, boiling towards a failed model. Certainly the storm is perfect.


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