Perfecting the Apocalypse in Europe, Vladimir Putin Ready to Launch Gog and Magog?


Nuclear War could trigger the arrival of the Apocalypse more quickly. PHOTO/ IST

MOSCOW Russia and Ukraine War which continues, making Russia insist on deploying nuclear weapons and biological weapons to create the Apocalypse in Europe. Not only that, Communist countries such as Russia and China are accused of being ready to deploy Gog and Magog or biological soldiers to fight.

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The plan was revealed in full by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu. He said there was great potential behind the 3,000-year-old Scythian burial site there.

Shoigu himself has initiated the Russian-Swiss archaeological excavations related to Scythian since 2018. He even recruited a modern shaman to make sure the excavation didn’t anger the spirits.

“We’ve done several expeditions there, this is a big international expedition. Many things have been confirmed, but there is still a lot to be done,” said Shoigu, quoted by Dailymail.

In these discoveries, he found the well-preserved remains of ancient humans and animals. He added, without elaborating on the planned genomic research, that the expedition was ‘in general it would be very interesting’.

The burials of the Scythians are in the permafrost and according to scientists, organic matter must be preserved there. The cemetery is one of the remains of an earlier Scythian tomb.

Scythians were an ancient nomadic people who lived primarily in the region known as Scythia, which today comprises a number of territories in Kazakhstan, Russia, and eastern Ukraine.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the biggest military operation since World War Two to join the military operation in Ukraine, raising fears that the conflict could spread across Europe.

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“The Kremlin will use all available means to protect the territorial integrity of Russia and the people of this country. This is not a bluff. Everyone who tries to blackmail us with nuclear weapons needs to remember that the wind can also change direction,” he stressed as reported by RT Tuesday (27/9/2022).

The stern warning was widely interpreted as Putin potentially preparing to deploy nuclear weapons as a ‘last resort’ after Ukraine’s military advances to retake territory controlled by Moscow.


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