Perifit perineal reeducation probe: we did the test

Everything started from an afternoon of confinement where my neighbors, like so many people during this special period, decided to play sports. Uniformed and armed with dumbbells and others skipping ropes, I saw them doing a little sports program at the bottom of the building, which pushed me to try too, the next day. And there it was the drama: from the first shots jumping rope, I felt urinary leakage, which got worse the more I tried – out of pride – to continue the exercise. Upset, I started to panic: what if my perineum rehabilitation hadn’t served any purpose? What if I had lost everything? What if I was condemned to never be able to do sport quietly again? In the process, just to reassure me, I ordered the Perifit perineal rehabilitation tube which I saw an advertisement on Instagram.

The perineal reeducation probe, how does it work market ?

The sonde Perifit, like those of other brands, is a device equipped with sensors that measures the strength of perineal contractions and allows you to estimate its strength, endurance and overall tone. It is connected to the smartphone and the exercises are in reality games: it is the contractions of the perineum which make it possible to catch the objects present in the game (which vary according to the games). Clearly: we get muscle without really realizing it. Some medical offices also use it for rehabilitation after childbirth.

6 rehabilitation programs

Let’s get down to business: the probe test. Before starting the games, you must insert the probe into the vagina: its diameter (33 mm) is not excessive, but it is better to settle down comfortably and not to put pressure on the first time. Once well positioned, you hardly feel it. It is connected via Bluetooth and can be used via the Perifit application (available free of charge on iOS and Android). On first use, a perineum test allows you to define the program that we will follow (6 in total: Postpartum, Prevention, Incontinence on exertion, Urgenturia, Sexo or Mixed Incontinence). In my case, it is “Stress incontinence”. Ok, let’s go for the game!

Playful games

Each session begins with a calibration of the probe: it is requested to contract the perineum 3 times in a row to assess the force of contraction. Then, the game starts: my little butterfly flies away as soon as I contract the perineum, which allows it to pick up lotuses in the middle or at the top of the screen. On paper, it’s simple, in reality, it requires concentration because you have to be able to “hold” the contraction when several lotuses are in the air. The game lasts between 2 and 3 minutes, but I don’t really see them passing. It ends with a percentage of precision, 82% in my case, not so bad! On the other hand, strength level, it is not terrible: 59.4 g (the force expressed is the theoretical weight that the perineum could lift, the higher this figure, the more muscular the perineum).

An addictive app

Other games are available such as the shark which eats the fish and must avoid the bombs (my favorite) or the clouds which tighten to block the stones but must let the jewels pass. As the sessions progress, I unlock levels and games. It gets tougher: to be precise, you have to contract longer and release faster… I see my evolution on the different parameters: precision therefore, strength, but also relaxation, endurance and attendance (the minimum set by the application is 5 minutes per day or 35 minutes per week). The “Statistics” tab allows you to see where I am in relation to a healthy perineum thanks to a reassuring graph (taking into account the 5 previous parameters), as well as the most used areas of the perineum (deep or superficial perineum, knowing that it is the deep perineum which is the most difficult to build, but a “Manual” mode allows you to contract and see which part is used). In summary, it’s complete, and very fun! Small flat however, I realized that I thought a lot about the probe and the statistics, to the point of getting discouraged on certain days when I couldn’t do it (the app specifies that in case of fatigue or during menstruation, results may be worse and overall progression matters).

The Perifit probe, my opinion

After several weeks of use, progress on the application is undeniable: I went from 59.4 g the first day to 246.9 g, my endurance went from 66% to 97% today, I got 100% accuracy multiple times, and my slack is also much better. I did not try the jump rope again, but I played tennis and no problems to report. I also went to see my midwife for a routine consultation and told her about the probe, she first explained to me that the jump rope is a very violent exercise, not really recommended for women who have had children (like the trampoline), which causes leaks in many people. Then she reassured me: my perineum is completely toned, no worries to have! Yep! For her, the probe is a great way to train your perineum at home, especially if the progression encourages us. It can be used in addition to classic exercises, but in no way replaces the sessions of post-delivery rehabilitation.

Verdict: for me, the sonde Perifit is a very good investment if you need a boost to strengthen your perineum and you cannot / do not want to go back to rehabilitation sessions. It is however good to speak to his / her gynecologist or midwife to validate the progress, because the probe is not 100% reliable: it is possible that it measures a contraction which actually comes from the buttocks or thighs. Its price can be a brake, but in my case, it brought me comfort and results that I do not regret my investment!

Sound Perifit, € 199 on (there are often promotions at € 129)

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