Permanent prison reviewable for the mother and stepfather of a two-year-old girl who was murdered after giving her 101 blows

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The Provincial Court of Zaragoza has sentenced the mother and stepfather of a two-year-old girl, who died a victim of abuse in the Aragonese capital, to permanent, reviewable prison.

The presiding judge of the court, Alfonso Ballestín, has handed down the sentence, announced this Monday, based on the jury’s verdict. Both the Prosecutor’s Office as the private accusations demanded for the two defendants the permanent prison sentence as perpetrators of a crime of murder with treachery.

During the trial, held last week in the Provincial Court of Zaragoza, both accused each other of being responsible for the death of the little girl, who had up to 101 injuries from the blows she received.

The jury’s verdict considered it proven that Vanessa Muñoz30 years old, mother of Laiay Cristian Lastano35, the little girl’s stepfather, are guilty, by action or omission, of the tragic death of the girl on January 20, 2021, in the family home in the Aragonese capital where she lived with her three other siblings.

The verdict ruled out accidental death and when it came to pointing out Laia’s mother and her then partner, with whom she had her fourth child, as guilty, the members of the jury relied mainly on the conclusions of the autopsy performed on the girl’s body. .

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