Persebaya Bonek Leaks Secrets So David da Silva Can Be Sharp at Persib Bandung with Bruno Cantanhede

MAJALENGKA PORTAL – David Da Silva is one of the new signings Persib Bandung who ever played in Persebaya Surabaya is considered less contribution to Persib.

David Da Silva played two games together Persib Bandung, and have not been able to contribute a single goal for Maung Bandung

Even in an important match against Bali United, Thursday 13 January 2022, David da Silva looks less shining. Persib even swallowed the bitter pill with a Bali United goal through Stefano Lilipaly.

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This defeat is for the umpteenth time for Persib Bandung who in the last six meetings have never won against Bali United.

But it’s not David Da Silva who isn’t sharp up front Persib Bandung, but the supply of the ball from midfield is lacking against David Da Silva.

This was stated by one doll Persebaya Surabaya who commented on the official account upload Persib Bandung @persib Thursday 13 January 2022.

“David Da Silva lacks the ball supply from the others,” said the account @bonek_arus_ Bawah.

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