Persebaya Borong 4 Foreign Pillars, Never Played in ASEAN Competitions

Persebaya Media

Persebaya Surabaya held its first training at the Jala Krida Mandala field, Bumimoro, Thursday (4/2/2021).



BOLASPORT.COM – Staring League 1 2021, Persebaya Surabaya immediately moved quickly to complete the quota of foreign players.

Previously, Bajol Ijo had lost all foreign pillars for the 2020 season.

They are David da Silva, Makan Konate, Mahmoud Eid, dan Aryn Williams.

All compact left Persebaya because when the fate of the 2020 League 1 competition is clear.

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Without foreign players it does not make Persebaya’s enthusiasm loose for the 2021 Menpora Cup.

Aji Santoso’s team actually performed quite impressively and penetrated the quarter-finals.

In fact, Aji only carries local players, the majority of which are filled with young talents.

Even so, the tactician from Malang stated that his team still needed foreign players for League 1.

There is not much news that Aji Santoso has secretly established communication with four new prospective foreign players.


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