Persona 5 The Royal is announced with a short and mysterious teaser


Person 5 The Royal Atomix

Atlus has fulfilled its promise to provide more details on Persona 5 R, but very much in his style, it was just a short 45 second teaser in which we know who would be the protagonist of the new game and what the full name of the new game will be.

The teaser was published at the end of the anime chapter of Person 5 entitled "Stars and Our". We found out that his name will be Person 5 The real and we can see a young woman at the famous Shibuya intersection in Tokyo, where she is seeing the Phantom Thieves logo on the screens.

The translated dialogue is as follows:

MAN: What do you think of Phantom Thieves?

YOUNG WOMAN: Well … I think helping people is something wonderful. But to be honest, they don't like me. Your methods are not changing or actually helping people. In the end, only you can solve your problems.

The video ends with the promise of new information on the game until April 24th. So we'll have to wait for more details to reveal and a more complete trailer up to that date. At the moment we only know that the game will arrive on PlayStation 4.

Speculations about who is and what role he will play in the game have already begun.

Source: Atlus

Via: DualShockers



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