Personal goals cost Jena against the points in Ingolstadt


Few possibilities in the first section

After a major change in the summer, seven newcomers to the FCC were in the field: Nico Hammann, Anton Donkor, Ole Käuper, Meris Skenderovic, Daniel Gabriele, Marian Sarr and Tim Kircher. Thuringian fans raged during Monday's early-air games and threw tennis balls on the court. There were only a few highlights on the lawn.

The passage passes for Marcel Gaus to two possibilities: from the very acute angle of Ingolstadt he brought the ball from the left not only on goal (26.) and the penalty area missed the right post by a few centimeters ( 37). Käuper slammed the gaming device from the other side by a good 20 meters just over the crossbar (40 °).

Eckardt meets for Jena – Ingolstadt takes advantage of its goals

Urgestein and the FCC captain René Eckardt inserted the first exclamation point after the break: after a single pass from Donkor, the 29-year-old pushed from ten meters into the lower right corner at 1: 0 (57 °) . But only three minutes later, the ex-Jena Maximilian Wolfram beat a free kick from the right into the box, Sarr could not escape the bullet and extended into his box – 1: 1 (60). But it was even more bitter: still a punishment flew from the right towards the center, Donkor beheaded Sarr in the back and struck again – 1: 2 (71). After that, the hosts did not have the means to attack "Schanzern" again.

This is what the coaches said

Jeff Saibene (Ingolstadt): "We are happy to have achieved the three points, there is still a lot of room for improvement and the victory is ok, even if in the end he was happy."

Lukas Kwasniok (Jena): "I didn't play too many games with two own goals, 1: 1 would have been a fair result for both teams, there were phases, we were extremely good, obviously it was missing a little. But please be patient. "

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