Personalities from the world of culture and journalism sign a manifesto against the war between Israel and Hamas

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Numerous personalities from the world of culture and the journalism in Spain, such as Miguel Ríos, Clara Lago or Fernando Trueba, have promoted a manifesto to stop the Israel warconvinced that only the citizen movement has the capacity to stop it.

The manifesto ‘We must stop the war. Neither genocide nor terrorism’, an initiative born from Cuts Zero, was presented in Madrid this Sunday, minutes before the start of the demonstration in support of Palestine in which they are going to ask for a ceasefire and say “no to barbarism.”

“With this manifesto we want to join an entire movement that is now global in rejection of war, of what is happening right now in Palestine. (…) The objective is to stop the war, that is the call we have made to to all institutions, to all governments, to the entire international community,” explained Nuria Suárez, Spokesperson for Recortes Cero, at a press conference.

The idea of ​​the manifesto is promote citizen mobilization against the war because, as the former deputy mayor of Madrid Marta Higueras and signatory of the document has stressed, “today only people on the street” can stop this conflict.

The former general secretary of CCOO, Antonio Gutiérrez, has also supported the manifesto and has denounced that The international community is failing to stop the war and therefore “the only hope or the main vector of force to stop this war is the people.” The manifesto condemns the “criminal terrorist actions of Hamas“, but it is stressed that they cannot be used to “justify the genocide” of Israel against the Palestinian people: ““An Israeli life is worth as much as a Palestinian one.”

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