News Peru: Coronavirus Peru | Walter Martos: Minsa has...

Peru: Coronavirus Peru | Walter Martos: Minsa has presented a proposal for

The president of the Council of Ministers, Walter Martos, revealed that the Minister of Health, Pilar Mazzetti, has presented a proposal to apply a quarantine focused on Lima and some provinces, given the increase in the number of infections and deaths from the coronavirus (COVID- 19).

In dialogue with RPP Noticias, he indicated that the issue will be analyzed in the Council of Ministers and a joint decision will be made with the President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, after evaluating various factors.

“Today the Minister of Health [Pilar Mazzetti] He has presented me with a proposal for certain restrictions, which I am not going to announce now and that we have to talk in the Council of Ministers and we have to make the decision with the President of the Republic ”he expressed.

He reiterated that at this time the greatest number of infections is happening in family gatherings and recalled that the first wave of contagion was from people who irresponsibly went out into the streets without protecting themselves and without maintaining social distance.

“Now many people think that it has returned to normal and the pandemic is over, and they are going to visit certain relatives and when they get home, they take off their masks and that is where the greatest number of infections are taking place. “, he said.

However, Martos considered that applying a quarantine focused on Lima to immobilize by districts is “very difficult to implement” and he mentioned the case of San Juan de Lurigancho, an area with high rates of infection, where more than 240 thousand people go to other districts to work.

“It is impossible to control who leaves and who enters the districts. If it is about targeted quarantines, we are talking [de] that in Lima and Callao mobility is restricted, as in other regions, on Sunday. In other regions the curfew is from 8:00 at night. That must be studied based on many factors and make an appropriate decision for the moment we are living ”, he sentenced.

“It would be too hard”

For her part, the Minister of Health, Pilar Mazzetti, told Canal N that the Executive Branch evaluated the possibility of applying a quarantine focused on Lima, as is being done in other regions.

“Lima has a particular dynamic, it has districts with different epidemiological characteristics, with different movements”, expressed

“Yes, we have discussed it for a quarantine focused on Lima, but the transit of people has been analyzed to see where it moves around antennas and we have seen that it would be very difficult”added.



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