Peruvian model Carolina Preciado was arrested for trafficking in children

Lima, Peru.

Carolina Preciado (32) he was jailed for alleged traffic of childrenPeruvian media reported.

The Peruvian model, whose real name is Cinthia Carolina Tello Preciado, Tuesday this week was arrested by the authorities of his country for allegedly being the head of the criminal organization. "The Heartless of Human Trafficking", which was dedicated to the sale of newborns.

The police captured her in her home, located in the Cayma district, according to the information of the The Commerce

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Apparently, beauty has had two lives: on the one hand it was a famous conductor of orchestra, model and organizer of beauty contests like "Miss Tourism""Miss Yanahuara"IS"The queen of the carnival".

However, in his parallel life, he sold and bought children, even the medium above ensures he has just had a five-month-old girl for an amount of 4 thousand soles (about $ 1,190).

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In his social networks he shared photos of his work on the catwalk, the competitions, but also the smallest ones, which were the ones he would have sold or bought.

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Cinthia Carolina Tello Preciado, is a couple of the former general director of the National Police of Peru, the general Raúl Becerra Velardis; both will be held for 10 days until their situation is resolved.


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