Peruvian Selection: Ricardo Gareca Ricardo Gareca announced the 19 summoned Matías Succar Aldair Rodríguez Christofer Gonzales Aldo Corzo Oslimg Mora Oslimg Mora

Through an online conference, Ricardo Gareca He presented the names of the 19 local footballers to work from Tuesday to Friday, thinking about the long road of the Qualifying Qatar 2022 which will start in October with the double date: Peru vs Paraguay and Peru vs Brazil.

Among the names that stand out the most and that I had already advanced Free a few days ago, is the call for Matías Succar. The Municipal forward has been the protagonist of the League 1 Movistar. In addition, the council council grants four selected.

Oliva from San Martín, Gods and Knight of Municipal, Fuentes de Melgar, are the other names that stand out in the list of 19 summoned from Ricardo Gareca. In addition, there is also Aldair Rodríguez the Binational. The Argentine coach seeks to empower the forward in the absence of Paolo Guerrero.

Meanwhile, on the side of Lima Alliance, solo Oslimg Mora has been called. The player was precisely one of those who had a high performance during the last match against Sporting Cristal. While it is true, Gareca he did not witness that match, he has already been followed for some time.

“To thank the boys for the sacrifice they are making. Congratulate all the institutions for the sacrifice. To the fans, thank them for everything they do for football. I am sure and convinced that the country will be strengthened.” was the final message from Ricardo Gareca.

List of convoys


  1. José Carvallo (University)
  2. Carlos Cáceda (Melgar)


  1. Aldo Corzo (University)
  2. Eduardo Caballero (Municipal)
  3. Christian Ramos (Vallejo)
  4. Paolo Fuentes (Melgar)
  5. Nilson Loyola (Sporting Cristal)
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  1. Jesus Pretell (Melgar)
  2. Armando Alfageme (University)
  3. Christofer Gonzales (Sporting Cristal)
  4. Rodrigo Vilca (Municipal)
  5. Yhamir Oliva (San Martín)
  6. David Dioses (Municipal)


  1. Aldair Rodríguez (Binational)
  2. Matías Succar (Municipal)
  3. Kevin Sandoval (Sporting Cristal)
  4. Sandro Rengifo (Cantolao)
  5. Oslimg Mora (Lima Alliance)

LIVE Press Conference by Ricardo Gareca

Ricardo Gareca: “We have to make a little more effort than we are doing. Peru is a very beautiful, very strong people and it will come out of this”

Ricardo Gareca on Guerrero: “We have talked with Paolo Guerrero. He is emotionally strong. He is a man of great character, let’s say he is used to great challenges and I am sure he will repower him. He will not weaken him”

Gareca on Messi’s departure: “You can’t go through the back door. He grew up there in football terms. The fan himself, no matter how angry he is, will never forget what he did in Barcelona”

Gareca on Gareca: “We are happy with Tapia. It is a competitive league. He is looking for continuity”

Gareca on Zambrano and Abram: “We are observing and following the return of the players to activity.

Gareca on the start of the qualifying rounds: “We know that the problems that come our way will also affect the other teams. We are focused on what we do”

Gareca on Peruvians abroad: “The players are in competitive leagues”

Gareca on Ormeño: “He is a player that we are following. I cannot assure anything, but he is being watched.

Gareca on League 1: “I have a vision of seeing things. In this situation the least responsible are the people for everything that happens. I would have liked football to occupy a space in isolation like a Sunday and not have to play in week”

OFFICIAL: These are the national squad

  1. Cáceda, Carvallo, Corzo, Ramos, Caballero, Fuentes, Loyola, Prettel, Alfageme, Canchita Gonzales, Vilca, Oliva, Dioses, Raziel García, Mora, Sandro Rengifo, Kevin Sandoval, Matías Succar and Aldaír Rodríguez
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– 11:50 Matías Succar, is one of the players that Ricardo Gareca has been following closely

– 11:40 A few minutes for Ricardo Gareca to deliver the list of summoned

– 11:26 Jefferson Farfán, having no club and coming training at La Videna, will also be in the call of Ricardo Gareca

– 11:10 Which players will be the surprises. Ricardo Gareca has been attending almost every League 1 match since its restart

Ricardo Gareca Squad List – Preview

It is because of that Ricardo Gareca has been present in several matches of the Opening from League 1 closely observing players who could be called up in the face of what is coming to the Peruvian Selection.

Although the ‘Blanquirroja’ has not done any training so far, the technical command did not lose track of both the players who are active locally and internationally, so there could be news in the first list of summoned of the 2020.

Ricardo Gareca I had in mind to train with Jefferson Farfan and Christian Cueva, but ‘Aladino’ left last Thursday for Europe to join the preseason work of his new team Yeni Malatyaspor.

Due to this, the ‘Foquita’ will train together with those called by the DT of the Peruvian Selection which will be announced this Friday through a virtual conference from La Videna where many new faces are mentioned.

It is worth mentioning that the list will not be long since it will be between 14 and 15 soccer players that will appear on the list of Gareca and that must be presented from Tuesday, September 1 at the headquarters of the FPF located in San Luis.

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Peruvian Selection: What time is Ricardo Gareca’s conference?

The conference of Ricardo Gareca It is scheduled for 12:00 pm and will take place virtually due to the current situation due to the coronavirus.

Peruvian national team: possible summoned

In the last hours a list of players was known that would be the one that would be announced Ricardo Gareca.

Carlos Cáceda, Renato Solís, Raziel García, Aldair Rodríguez, Gianfranco Chávez, Yuriel Celi, Aldo Corzo, Christian Ramos, Armando Alfageme, Christofer Gonzales, Matias Succar, Alejandro Hohberg, Gerson Barreto and Alexis Arias would be chosen by the ‘Tigre’.

Peruvian National Team: When do the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers start?

The FIFA announced that Qualifying Qatar 2022 They will begin in the month of October. However, it is not entirely safe since it will depend a lot on how the situation due to the coronavirus continues in several countries in South America.


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