PES 2021: Launch Date, Price [PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X]

PES 2021 is probably a special version for the edits that will be made for PS5 Y Xbox Series X . The Pro Evolution has already been listed as the purists’ favorite soccer game -even if your sales are reduced by the fifa saga– Konami has hinted at a new engine in the next generation, which could theoretically bring it back to the magic of its years on the PS2.

But will it hit the market at launch, and what else awaits you after the generational leap? Delve into the PES 2021 guide to know more about this piece of game!

Release Date: When is PES 2021 coming out for PS5 and Xbox Series X?

A difference from EA, who seems to be sure of having the FIFA 21 launch and Madden 21 ready for day one, Konami has never cared that PES available on the day of a new console launch. PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One have come out without PES.

Which means that you will most likely have to wait until next year for PES 2021 on PS5 and Xbox Series X, if it ever appears. With the whispers of a new engine Konami you can decide to skip a year and instead restart the series with PES 2022.

The very possible PES 2021 release date is Friday, September 18, 2020.


Things are simpler in the current generation. PES 2018 hit stores on September 12, PES 2019 on August 28, and PES 2020 on September 10. Usually Pro usually comes out three weeks before FIFA para PS4 y Xbox One.

Given the circumstances of coronavirus stoppage, the planned dates based on previous seasons have been altered. Although the launch was expected to be the first week of September, it is delayed a couple of weeks, as is also the case with EA Sports.

Price: How much will PES 2021 cost?

He price of PES 2021 will be similar which we have seen in other editions. We are talking about the title for PS4 and Xbox One. It is not expected that there will be a version for PS5 and Xbox Series X, so it is difficult to predict how much an edition that probably does not come out will cost.

If we see the price range from other years, we can get an idea of ​​the cost of the new Konami title. Starting from the most basic edition to special versions that usually have a higher cost.

PES 2021 may be priced at € 59.99 in its most basic version.

Last year, PES 2020 had an initial cost of € 59.99 (Standard Edition) and € 79.99 (Legend Edition). For this new launch the price is expected to be the same due to the Coronavirus. The price was expected to increase but current circumstances have caused it to adjust.

PES 2021 may arrive with a new engine thinking about PS5 and Xbox Series X

Excitingly, Konami has hinted that the next generation will bring a new engine to the PES series. He has desperately given no idea when that might happen.

“Our plans are focused on the version of the game that is relevant at the moment. Upgrading such technologies is a very risky step. Before creating or releasing anything, you need to assess all the risks, ”Konami’s Kei Matsuda told WinPes in 2018.

“In the future we plan to change the main engine, but this will not happen before the time when a new generation of game consoles appears. In the current generation, the Fox Engine will last forever. We are not planning any changes. “

He Fox engine has been in operation since PES 2014, and overall it has been a success. A change for the PS5 and Xbox Series X secures 8K visuals, and hopefully a significant improvement to the series’ presentation elements – in terms of commentary and graphic overlays, it lags far behind contemporaries like NBA 2K21 and even WWE 2K21. The always-on community has plenty of other suggestions to improve the series as well.

What news do fans want to see in PES 2021?

A full review of the Master League, which was the main feature of the series, is the PES 2021 fans first wish. Much has already been said about how it could be reconfigured to reflect its glory days: “The menus need a new overhaul; the organization and the name of the articles must be redone. Getting rid of the followers is stupid and pointless. Konami also needs to fix the release clauses. They need to allow you to withdraw the loans. They need to give you more control over the division of your budget allocation. They need to grow your budget successfully. “

«They need to have a actual transfer list where you can see a filtered view of your listed players, ”he continues. “They need pre-season and friendly tournaments. More injuries and long-term injuries, to affect teams and the game. Adds the ability to edit players within the ML. Add the possibility to change stadium within the ML. Add more depth to the exploration… and review how the potential works.

Increase the growth rate of players with high potential. A player like Reece James shouldn’t take five years to go to a total of 80. It’s unwise programming. There are young players who break it and hardly increase their capacity, that is not acceptable. If a player is playing well, he needs to dramatically improve his rating.

In some forums it is predicted that the Novel engine will be used on PS5 and Xbox Series X, and you know what you want to see from him. «[Konami] you are already familiar with it because they have been developing the mobile version under that engine for two years, “they say. “We could finally have real dynamic lighting and climate. Which would really add a lot to the immersion: Live shadows not only in broad daylight but also at night with different shadows cast on players’ faces, etc. “

“The most important thing this can bring are the key elements of the game,” he adds. “Maybe a more refined and cleaner code. Better AI. More animations, because the new engine could handle them faster, and calculate which one to choose better, than the obsolete Fox Engine.

PES 2021 Licensing: What’s Exclusive at Konami?

We have already made a FIFA 20 vs PES 2020 comparison, charting the exclusive teams from each game, and the lineup looks similar this year. The announcements of PES 2021 are about to arrive, but we know that the Juventus is exclusive to PES 2021: signed a three-year agreement with Konami before PES 2020 release.

We can find a good number partner clubs that can be in PES 2021, if the precedent established last year is followed. In addition, this new title may bear a special stamp when it arrives with a stellar cover with a good list of candidates. It wouldn’t be weird to see following equipment licensed in the Pro Evolution of the coming season:

Frequent questions

✓ Release date: When is the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 coming out?

PES 2021 is scheduled to premiere on Friday, September 18, 2020. A couple of weeks behind the initial forecast due to the stoppage of the leagues.

✓ Price: How much is PES 2021 going to cost?

Although there is still no official confirmation on what price the new Konami installment will have, it is expected to cost 59 euros, maintaining that of last season.

✓ Will there be a special version for PS5 and Xbox X Series?

Considering the release of previous game consoles, it is unlikely that we will see a specific edition of PES 2021 for PlayStation 5 and the new Xbox.

What do you expect from new PES 2021 from Konami? Do you think there will be more equality between FIFA and PES this season? Our feeling is that we will see many improvements both in terms of licenses and gameplay.

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