Peskov spoke of "chemistry" between Putin and the leaders of other countries

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not neglect state interests in favor of special relations with leaders of other countries. This was stated by the presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov on the first channel, reports RIA Novosti.

"I do not know how much chemistry can exist among the heads of state, it's hard to measure – no chemistry will force the president to deviate from his national interests," said Peskov.

For example, he mentioned the friendly relations between Putin and the former Chancellor of Germany, Gerhard Schroeder. "When Schröder was Chancellor, they were rather tenacious, they were discussing uncompromising issues of today, be they an international agenda or bilateral relations," said the spokesperson.

Peskov also said that for the creation of a special relationship between Putin and the US president Donald Trump was not yet possible. "Chemistry at first sight, love at first sight is another work, Putin and Trump have not yet been able to hear each other," a spokesman said. He expressed regret at the fact that communication between the two leaders is rare and does not always lead to real action.

Peskov noted that the issue of holding a bilateral meeting between Putin and Trump has not yet been discussed, since there has been no impetus from the United States for this. However, according to a spokesman, the Kremlin intends to continue its attempts to improve relations. Thus, during the visit of the National Security Advisor John Bolton to Moscow, he is scheduled to prepare his meeting with Putin.

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