Pet bonus 2023: what is it and how to request it?

Article updated on March 24, 2023 by Stephen Mastrangelo

Pet tax deduction 2023?

Pet bonus 2023: what is it and how to request it? Having averted the hypothesis of approval, in the 2023 financial law, of a new bonus for pets up to 900 euros, let’s see together, in this article, what are the tax breaks or deductions due in 2023.

Starting with the 2021 budget law, pet owners who incur expenses for their company treasures can obtain an Irpef credit of up to 550 euros in their tax return, 730 or personal income tax form.

To deduct pet expenses, you must always keep receipts from the veterinary surgeon and pharmacy and pay for everything with traceable documents, such as a credit or debit card.

How does the 2023 pet bonus work?

The consolidated income tax law, pursuant to article 15, paragraph 1, lett. c. bis, provides for a tax deduction, pfor veterinary expenses incurred for the care of legally detained pets or for sporting activities.

The amount of the documented expenditure to be indicated in the line of the tax return (in the deductions section) cannot be greater than 550 euros. The deduction will be calculated on the part that exceeds the amount of 129.11 euros.

Therefore the taxpayer will be able to download on the tax return, 730/2023 and 730/2024, from the calculated tax, only the 19 percent of expenses for pets, with an upper limit of euro 550,00 of the part that exceeds the amount of euros 129,11 euro.

Therefore the total amount to be deducted is equal to 80 euros, deriving from the following formula: 550 euros – 129.11 = 420.89 for 19%.

Who is entitled to the 2023 pet bonus?

Taxpayers who can obtain the tax deduction for pets are those who:

  • have actually incurred the expense, even if not owners of the pet;
  • for documented expenses for the care of legally kept animals a companionship purpose or for sports practice.

The tax deduction is not recognized:

  • for expenses incurred in the care of farm animals, intended for reproduction or food consumption;
  • for expenses incurred in order to care for animals bred or kept for the exercise of commercial or agricultural activities.

Veterinary expenses 2023 for pets: what to download?

Any personal income tax credit is due for:

  • the professional services of the veterinary surgeon;
  • for expenses due to interventions in private clinics or for laboratory analyses;
  • for medicines prescribed by the veterinary surgeon. In the latter case, in order to be entitled to the deduction, only the lo receipt (no more the prescription). The same receipt must bear the tax code of the person who incurred the expense, nature, quality (the drug marketing authorization code must be indicated) and quantity.

You can buy pet medicines at any facility authorized by the Ministry of Health, even online, without a prescription, or at pharmacies and authorized commercial establishments to online sales.

E’ essential to pay these expenses, with traceable documents, to be entitled to the tax deduction. Payments can be made by postal or bank payments, credit or prepaid cards or by bank or postal checks.

Special pet food cannot be deducted, even if prescribed by a veterinary surgeon.

What veterinary expenses should be retained?

To recover part of the veterinary expenses for pet care, you must keep the:

  • invoices relating to the professional services of the veterinary surgeon, where the data of the owner and in particular the tax code are correctly reported;
  • talking receipts for the purchase of medicines, where the tax code of the pet owner is indicated.
  • self-certifications certifying that the animal is legally held for company purposes or for sporting practice.

Talking invoices and receipts must be paid with traceable documents and insert on the 730 or Unico model of the following year. For example, for veterinary expenses for the year 2023, they can be deducted on the tax return for the year 2024.

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