Pete Carroll stated that there is a team interested in Colin Kaepernick

The NFL continues taking steps forward to reverse everything that went wrong in the past. Last Thursday, the league announced, through the commissioner Roger Goodell, which will give 250 million dollars in a span of 10 years to combat racism systematic.

Colin Kaepernick it turned out to be, finally, a main figure for the league to take awareness. As such, the quarterback who had to leave the sport for his protests against police brutality, it is one of the players that the NFL will be called upon to get involved in the fight against racism.

However, the possibility that the former player San Francisco 49ers, to which the team terminated the contract, return to the game officially it seems that it is real for the coach Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll, who revealed that there is a team that you have in mind.

In a videoconference, Carroll said that is sorry for not having signed on the 2017, but what caught the attention is also told that before the interview, a team contacted him to ask him for Kaepernick.

It should be recalled that the 32-years old visited the Seahawks in the spring of 2017, after cancelling his contract with San Francisco, but finally the franchise of Seattle decided not to sign it.

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