Pete Davidson's fan jokes about Mac Miller's death


Pete Davidson he just showed his true colors, and boy, we're impressed

You have to see how Pete Davidson reacted to a fan by joking about the death of Mac Miller

With a show standing in New Jersey, there was a very embarrassing moment when he started telling the story of a dead friend in his apartment.

Before Pete could get to the punch line, someone in the audience shouted "Mac Miller!"


As we all know, the tragic death of Mac Miller has not only been devastating for the world, but it is also what has seen a big change in Pete's life. When he passed, he and Ariana Grande's relationship stopped.

Fortunately, Pete had the perfect reaction.

"Oh, Jesus Christ," he said. "Who's that guy?" We pull him out, we indicate the guy who has a fucking face. "

"I'll wait, I'll wait, I will not go on until that guy is gone," he said in an audio clip from TMZ. "I'm leaving, so if you want the show to continue, call the person who did it."

Pete also decided to repay the boy on his ticket. "Give him his money back and get him out," he continued. "I do not take care of that shit at my shows."


Finally, security appeared to get him out of the audience.

"I hope you're proud of yourself, you just fucked everything," he told the boy as he was escorted out.

After that, the show continued.


You can listen to the complete sound clip Here.

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