Peter Handke against journalists: “Do not ask me such questions!”


On Tuesday evening, the newly crowned Nobel laureate Peter Handke was honored in his old home town of Griffen in Carinthia. An informal meeting with Griffener mayor Josef Müller and the Carinthian governor Peter Kaiser was scheduled. However, according to ORF, the meeting escalated when Handke was approached by journalists present on Sasa Stanisic's criticism of his award.

In his acceptance speech for the awarding of the German Book Prize, Stanisic sharply criticized Handke's submission to Serbia in the 1990s and accused him of denying crimes during the war in Yugoslavia. “The fact that I am allowed to stand in front of you here today,” says Bosisian Stanisic, “is due to a reality that this person has not acquired.”

Faced with these allegations, Handke responded on Tuesday evening indignant: “I'm standing in front of my garden gate,” like in an audio recording of the ORF “And there are 50 journalists – and all just ask like you, and from no one who comes to me, I hear something that he says that he has read anything from me, that he knows what I am It is (sic!) only the questions: How the world reacts Reaction to reaction to reaction I am a writer, come from Tolstoy, I come from Homer, I come from Cervantes, and leave me in peace and poses I do not have such questions! “

Handke was no longer available for further statements. According to ORF, he even later added that he would never again answer journalist questions.

On Wednesday afternoon, the actual honoring Handke was held in Griffen with an official media meeting, but this was canceled Wednesday morning surprisingly. There should not be a replacement date.


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