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Peter Jackson tells a touching story · KINO.de

Peter Jackson, who worked together with Sir Ian Holm in the “Lord of the rings”trilogy said in a long post on their last trip together.

The death of Sir Ian Holm on 19. June 2020, the movie world shook. The exceptional British actor died at the age of 88 years at the consequences of Parkinson’s disease. And even if he has made in the last few years due to his illness on the big screen rar, reminded Fans worldwide of the major roles such as Sam Mussabini in “chariots of fire” (1981), as Mr. Kurtz man in Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil” (1985) or as the Android Ash in Ridley Scott’s “Alien, The eerie creature from a foreign world” (1979).

The younger generations, he is likely to remain forever as the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the rings”trilogy in memory. And it is the new Zealand filmmaker, remembered now in a long post on Facebook to his good friend:

“I am very sad about the death of Sir Ian Holm. Ian was such a warm and generous person. Quiet, but always with a tongue-in-cheek audacity.“

As Jackson began in the mid-1990s, with the work on his “Lord of the rings”trilogy, he was, in spite of the drama “Heavenly Creatures” and the horror Comedy “The Frighteners” first and foremost, still for the Subgenre of Splatsticks known. With low-budget works like “Bad taste” and “Braindead” he had acquired a certain reputation. So it’s no wonder that the then-39-Year-old at the beginning of 2000 was nervous, given the high-profile Cast, which he would continue in the coming months in the scene. It is Ian Holm, Jackson was picked on the first day of shooting aside:

“He said that he would try that on every Take, something else I should do, but no Worries. He should to me after five or six Takes, still not what I’m looking for, should I have to give him very specific instructions. And that is exactly what we have done. But to my surprise its different performances are all wonderful. He had hardly needed instructions. He gave us a stunning selection for the cut.“

J. R. R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the rings” is re-made into a film: this Time, as epic Amazon series. Here you will find all the information about it:

As Sir Ian Holm, Peter Jackson with “The Hobbit,” a friendship service was

A decade later, Jackson went to Holm in his native London, where he together with his wife, Fran Walsh, and Ian and his wife Sophie Holm to evening ate. The occasion of Jackson’s was “the Hobbit”trilogy. The filmmaker was hoping that the spar could resume his role as Bilbo Baggins for the opening sequence of “The Hobbit: An unexpected journey” again. Holm turned down the offer with a heavy heart, and opened to the visitors that he has Parkinson’s disease had been diagnosed and that he could remember, and also no more rows. A health he was in no condition for the filming to fly to new Zealand. Then Peter Jackson suggested that he turn his scenes in London:

“Towards the end of dinner, he nodded slowly and said, ‘Yes, I think I could do that.’ But I knew that he wanted to do it only out of friendship to me. I held his Hand and thanked him with tears in his eyes.“

After the completion of the rotation in new Zealand, Jackson flew to work as promised with a small Crew to London, where the Holms were waiting for them. Even Elijah Wood was over the next four days on the Set of the game. He and Ian Holm since “The Lord of the rings: The fellowship of” good friends.

“I hope that the audience in the finished Film sees Ian Holm as Bilbo. But what I experienced on the Set, was a wonderful actor, who gave his last performance. It was incredible to do brave of him and very emotional for all those who were able to attend. We will be Ian Holm to always be thankful for that. During our time together Fran and I love him so much. We have enjoyed his society very much.“

He can see it as a privilege that he was able to work with Sir Ian Holm. To follow him, taught him a lot, so Jackson. But much more important is it to have him personally known.

The large “Lord of the rings”Quiz can only solve all those Tolkien’s life have read work with the body and soul. This belongs to her? Test your Knowledge:

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