Péter Márki-Zay: If the CIA had interfered in the election, Viktor Orbán would be in prison today

The former Prime Minister candidate emphasized at Tuesday’s press conference: they did not promise anything that was not included in their election program.

“The April election was the last desperate attempt Viktor Orban to replace it, a mission impossible,” he said Péter Márki-Zay on that a at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, which was convened to inform about what was promised in exchange for the 1.8 billion US aid.

It soon became clear: according to Márki-Zay, nothing was promised that was not included in the opposition’s public election program.

The leader of the Everyone’s Hungary Movement (MMM) began by saying that “we have no secrets from Fidesz, and we have accounted for everything.” The politician from Hódmezővásárhely also talked about asking that the secret service’s reports on their campaign support not be classified.

Márki-Zay then listed the campaign promises and program points of the united opposition: Hungary joins the European Prosecutor’s Office, curbs inflation, makes the minimum wage tax-free, expels the “Russian spy bank”, eliminates the “executive mafia” and “we have promised to be loyal we will be members of the European Union.” He added that everyone was promised the same thing, including the contributors of the support collected by Action for Democracy, none of whom, according to Márki-Zay, he knows.

The politician emphasized that the support received by MMM “did not join a party”, their movement “only financed a non-partisan campaign”. According to Péter Márk-Zay, accepting support from allies is not treason, but he emphasized

if the CIA had interfered in the election, Viktor Orbán would be in prison today.

According to him, if someone wants to influence an election, they should not transfer support after the election, but before it. At that time, “Viktor Orbán accepted it George Soros support, and we don’t know what he agreed to do in return,” he added.

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When asked, Márki-Zay said that he calls the American support freezing Péter Ungár does not consider it oppositional. He also noted that the parties did not ask him about this money, and he did not inform the parties about this support separately before the election. (The parties they claim: they didn’t even notice the almost two billion forints that stood out in the campaign.)

At the press conference, it was read to the AFD executive, David Koranyi statement, which stated: they are proud of the support they provided to MMM. And Action for Democracy maintains that it did not support the parliamentary elections. Korányi admitted that the April election inspired the establishment of the organization, but emphasized that, in addition to Hungary, support is also provided in Italy and Brazil.

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