Petrol becomes more expensive again, price of diesel falls


If you go to fill up with petrol on Friday, you will pay a little more for it. Diesel will then become cheaper again. This is reported by the Federal Public Service Economy.

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Thursday June 30, 2022 at 11:19 am

The maximum price for a liter of petrol 95 (E10) will rise on Friday by 0.4 cents to 2.0670 euros. For a liter of petrol 98 (E5) there is also an additional 0.4 cents and the maximum price rises to 2,3540 euros.

Diesel (B7) will then become cheaper again. The maximum price falls by 6.8 cents to 2.1340 euros.

Domestic heating oil rises in price on Friday. The maximum price for an order of at least 2,000 liters increases by 1.09 cents to 1.3456 euros per liter.

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