Petrol, Britain on its knees: skyrocketing prices. “Don’t send people to work”

Rome, 28 September 2021 – Petrol pumps dedicated to only doctors and nurses it’s a emergency plan for fuel rationing with a maximum spending limit at the gas station set by the government. The fuel supply crisis of the Great Britain dove it has also come to alert the army, a situation he seems to remember 1973 oil crisis scenarios if not the rationing of basic necessities from wartime.

But the supply difficulties suffered by the United Kingdom for weeks for fuels – but also for other consumer goods that are missing from supermarket shelves – this time do not depend on international crisis scenarios but on one of the consequences of Brexit which has limited the access and work possibilities of transporters and truck drivers from abroad, especially from Eastern Europe.

Petrol, Great Britain: army on alert. What happen

Sky high prices and “don’t come to work”

The situation is worrying, in 90% of UK petrol stations petrol is out of stock and the general shortage led to i fuel prices to skyrocket, reaching its highest levels in eight years.
In addition to the endless queues of motorists at the distributors, several companies have come to urge their employees not to come to work and to do smart working from home. Meanwhile, the average price of a liter of petrol rose from 1.3587 pounds on Friday to 1.3659 on Sunday.

Rationing and priority access to doctors

After days of running dry stations and endless queues of motorists to refuel, the UK government is thinking of a national emergency plan for fuel, a plan that also limits how much drivers can spend on gasoline, together with a measure to guarantee the health service and other vital sectors, thus reserving priority and exclusive access to some petrol stations to essential service workers, starting with doctors.

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Pressing sul governo Johnson

He first Boris Johnson it must meet the demands of trade associations, trade unions and doctors including the British Medical Association, but also Labor and Conservative politicians: they all want to make sure that doctors, nurses are the first to be able to refuel. The Surrey County Council could even adopt the measure unilaterally, invoking the measure as necessary to address “a major crisis”.

Train military drivers

Johnson has ordered them to come 150 military tanker drivers trained so that they learn how to supply petrol to the pumps: there will probably be about eighty who, in the next few days, will take the field to face the crisis. It will also be temporarily suspended the obligation for truck drivers to complete a series of refresher courses to maintain their driving license.

Fly the price of gasoline. “Increase of up to 344 euros per year per family”

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