Petrovich has finished his work for the Brazilian national team, and Israel is also making changes

Alexander Petrovich graduated since 2017. ongoing work in the Brazilian national men’s team. It has been officially announced that the team will look for a new chief. coach.

Brazil played in the World Cup in China during this stage, where it took 13th place, and was left overboard in the selection for the Olympic Games this year – in the final in Croatia it did not hold up against Germany.

We remind you that in 2013-2014. The 62-year-old A.Petrovičius trained in Vilnius “Rytas”.

The Israeli team has also made a difference – there Odedą Kattashą will replace Guy’us Goodesas.

Kattash, 46, has also been training Jews since 2017, during which time the national team did not play in the World Cup and Olympics, and this year he won a place in the European Championships, which will take place in 2022.

G.Goodes has been working in the youth (up to 20 years) national team since 2019.

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