Petrucci: At Dakar ‘Gasoline’ and Pee Calculations Must Be Accurate – Danilo Petrucci, half jokingly sharing his new experience during a Dakar motorcycle rally, the Italian said, “In Dakar for fuel and piss, we have to do the math well, some riders use tubes, but I save it for 100 km from the stage special,” he said, even though it sounded joking but also made sense.

At the Dakar rally, unexpected events are always experienced by racers, especially newcomers (rookies) like Danilo Petrucci. They need to know how much risk to take, to keep the motorbike afloat on difficult terrain, not to get lost on the way, but there are also issues that seem more simple and personal, so to speak sounds taboo or shy.

Petrucci, in a live broadcast on his Instagram channel, talks about the need to take care of one’s physiological needs. It goes without saying that, in a full day on the bike, the body needs some time to rest.

Original racer Terni He admitted that urination is sometimes an element that must be considered. “Keeping it up throughout the stages is impossible, so it’s the same with fuel, we have to do the math well” he joked.

But it’s clear some of the more experienced Dakar racers have found a solution. “Some use the tube running in the trunk, after the first special session I wanted one too! I kept it for 100 km,” said Danilo in his usual light tone. Eh… is this water or gasoline flowing…? ️

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