Petter came across two mysterious cars on his way home from the cabin

– Then it was when we were going home from the cabin at Maurset on the west side of Hardangervidda that we saw two camouflaged cars driving into the tunnel at the top of Måbødalen – in the direction of Eidfjord.

That’s what Petter Frost says. As he was driving his Jaguar i-Pace himself, he had his wife take a picture through the windscreen.

– I had hoped they would stop in Eidfjord, so I could take pictures from the front as well, but they didn’t. So then it was only from behind.

Thought it was a Kia

But which car is it that he has attached to the memory chip? He wondered that himself too and sent them to us at

– At first I thought it might be a Kia, I think the design looked a bit similar, but it somehow didn’t match either, explains Frost.

He works as a biologist, but is also interested in cars. Everything indicates that the car he saw is MG’s new compact car. Namely 4 Electric.

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Here are the two MGs in Rome. In other words, they have been on a long journey.

Could imagine MG myself

– I guessed it was electric, because there were no exhaust pipes. Those were the only two cars we saw. It also didn’t look like there was any accompanying car. But it could look like they had driven far. The camouflage foil was worn and had come off in several places.

Frost is probably right, because on MG’s own website there are pictures of the same cars, in Rome. So here we talk the longest. There they also state that they are now in the process of the very last tests of the car, over 120,000 kilometers and in several European countries.

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– MG is certainly a car brand I have a relationship with, but a little older. That and having a classic open sports car like an MGA or MGB at home in the garage wouldn’t have been completely wrong, concludes Frost.

The new MG4 Electric is a relatively compact car with a length of around 4.3 metres, the lines are sporty and with a slightly aggressive appearance. It is based on a separate platform that has been developed specifically for electric cars.

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MG4 is not far away.  The first cars are expected in Norway in October.

MG4 is not far away. The first cars are expected in Norway in October.

Coming next year

Last year, it was known that the MG4 would be coming to Norway in October, so it is initially about demobiles. The first cars for customers are expected in the first quarter of 2023.

It also means that MG is now in the very last test phase, before the car goes into production.

The MG4 has an official range of 435 kilometres, the starting price is just over NOK 300,000. Typical competitors will be cars such as the VW ID.3, Nissan Leaf and Renault Megane E-Tech. In other words: It goes straight into a tough segment.

We thank Petter Frost for the photos. Do you see something strange, exciting or funny in traffic? Do not hesitate to contact us. The email is [email protected]

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