Peugeot 308 SW. My mirror, is there a van prettier than me?

With three engines, including a plug-in hybrid and a diesel, the virtues of the 308 do not end with a well-executed design.

True to its history, Peugeot has not abandoned this format, despite the SUV trend. And in good time, as the new 308 is one of the most beautiful SWs on the market.

Aware that there are still customers who prefer the break (van) format, Peugeot has gone the extra mile and, with all that is subjective, this is a beautiful van, both externally and internally.

We don’t applaud all the brand’s choices, we still don’t like the small steering wheel, which makes it very difficult to find a good driving position, and the i-cockpit graphics already deserved a refresher. It’s already less minimalist, with welcome hotkeys, and it has a very responsive infotainment system.

The quality of the materials remains high, as well as the assembly. The occupants of the front seat travel as if in a comfortable cocoon, while in the back you don’t have to be very tall to start counting the centimetres.

We tested the plug-in hybrid version, with 180 hp (there is a more powerful one, with 225) and we appreciated the engine’s voluntarism and high-level behavior, which in no way compromises comfort. We achieved a range of 58 kilometers (the brand announces 66) and a consumption of 7 l/100 km. This engine costs from 39,270 euros.

  • Engines
    The 308 SW is also available with a 130 hp petrol engine (26,720 euros) and a diesel, with the same power, and a price of 32,620 euros.
  • Versions
    There are three trim levels: Active Pack; Allure; and GT. The most powerful version is only available at this last level.
  • dimensions
    At 4.63 meters long, 1.85 meters wide and 1.44 meters tall, the 308 plug-in hybrid takes 548 liters of luggage.

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