Pfizer is the anti-covid vaccine, there is official approval: “Now make it mandatory”

The Food and drug administration US has given final approval to the vaccine against the Covid-19 by Pfizer and BioNTech. Another good news in the fight against the pandemic comes from the world’s largest regulatory body medicines, while the debate on the mandatory nature of the administration is also underway in Italy, with September almost upon us. The front is still open, while the doses inoculated in our country are 75,444,859 according to the latest update of the national report. The total number of vaccinated people is 36,436,297, with 67.46% of the Italian population over 12 having completed the cycle.

“A very good response is coming from the boys: it is an excellent sign”, the words of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, at the Rimini Meeting. Taking a look at today’s bulletin of the Ministry of Health, they are 4.168 the new ones almost of coronaviruses that emerged in the last 24 hours on 101,341 swabs analyzed, with the positivity rate exceeding 4 percentage points and reaching 4,11%. I dead They were 44, with the total since the beginning of the pandemic rising to 128,795. Patients with Covid-19 symptoms are still on the rise. There are 161 new patients in the ordinary wards, where 3,928 of our compatriots are currently located. They touch share 485, on the other hand, the seats occupied in intensive care: 13 more than yesterday. The current positives are now 135,555 (+617 in one day) while the healed continue to grow: 3,505 more in the space of 24 hours.

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The vaccines chapter is still the hottest. There are “3.58 million over 50s without even a single dose. The Achilles heel of the vaccination campaign “, the president of the Gimbe Foundation blurts out on Twitter, Nino Cartabellotta. According to an elaboration by Gimbe on data from the Ministry of Health, Sicily is’black shirt‘with 19.9% ​​of those over 50 not receiving any doses. The lowest figure is from Puglia with 8.3%, while the Italian average is 13.1%. Regarding vaccination coverage, “with the Delta variant, which has proved to be much more contagious, we will have to rise to 80% of the population. Maybe something more “, points out the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri.

“In any case, let’s leave any eventuality open and evaluate the numbers we will have at the beginning of the autumn. Then, in case, we will take countermeasures ”, he adds with respect to a possible obligation. More tranchant the microbiologist Andrea Crisanti, according to which the final approval by the FDA of the Pfizer vaccine “eliminates a series of ambiguities. Those who did not get vaccinated because the green light was only in an emergency has no more alibis. From a legal point of view it becomes an approved vaccine – he underlines – this also opens the door to legal provisions that can lead to the obligation of vaccination ”.

On the day the FDA gave the final green light to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, the US president, Joe Biden, in addition to making a passionate appeal to vaccination, he addressed parents in view of the school year, parents worried by the increase in pediatric cases. “Make sure everyone around your children who can be vaccinated is vaccinated. Make sure your child has a mask when he leaves the house ”. (LaPresse)

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