Pfizer now has your game character in “GTA” vaccinated

Published23. November 2021, 14:40

A Pfizer campaign in Brazil targets gamers. With your character in the game “GTA 5” you can now get a virtual injection syringe.

The “GTA 5” server Cidade Alta showed on YouTube what the virtual vaccination campaign looks like.

Rockstar Gamer

  • Pfizer Brazil starts the first virtual vaccination campaign against Covid-19.

  • In the game “GTA 5” it is now possible to have your character vaccinated.

  • The pharmaceutical company wants to encourage gamblers to get vaccinated.

  • Those who get a virtual vaccination also receive in-game rewards.

In the gangster game “Grand Theft Auto V”, gamers can get a virtual Covid vaccination. The aim of the campaign is to encourage young people to be vaccinated. In Brazil, around 60 percent of the population is currently fully vaccinated – a little less than in Switzerland.

The Campaign by Pfizer Brazil – but theoretically anyone can take part. The vaccination event takes place on the largest role-playing game server in Latin America: “Cidade Alta”, Brazilian for Upper Town.

Anyone who has already received an injection in real life and has a character on the server can accept the mission in the game and jet to the virtual vaccination center. Doctors in disguise are waiting there, who give the virtual vaccination according to the role-play – including a blue Pfizer plaster as proof.

Vaccination reward

Role-playing servers in “GTA 5” are popular among gamers around the world. They create a unique character there and take on his role in an acting manner. Hundreds of thousands of viewers watch the invented characters play every day on the Twitch streaming platform.

Under the motto “Protect yourself and your character” there is also a reward in the game itself. Anyone who has received the virtual vaccination can present their character – with a bandage – under #VacinaInGame on social media. In return you get a life boost and an exclusive sweatshirt for your avatar.

Brazilian influencers streamed the event on Twitch and made the virtual vaccination better known. The event is led by the server owners of Outplay. «Our server has six million hits every day. We are committed not only to entertainment, but also to clarifying important issues, ”said Paulot Benetti, CEO of Outplay Tech all.

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