PGRI Asks for Teacher KDP Recruitment Rules and Passing Grades to be Revised

Jakarta: The Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) conveyed its stance regarding the selection of Government Employees with the 2021 Teacher Work Agreement (PPPK). One of them, asked the government to review the recruitment policy of the state Civil Apparatus (ASN) PPPK Guru.

General Chairperson of PGRI Unifah Rosyidi said that his party received around 19,752 complaints and input from honorary teachers from various regions throughout Indonesia regarding recruitment. PPPK. One of them, the recruitment of teachers’ PPPK is considered not to consider the sense of justice.

The PPPK selection is also said to ignore the appreciation for the service and dedication of honorary teachers who have been carrying out learning tasks and educational services in emergency situations of teacher shortages. The availability of teachers is the main requirement so that students get their rights in obtaining educational services.

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“(The government) revises the recruitment regulations PPPK as a solution to overcome the emergency shortage of teachers,” said Unifah through a press release, Friday, September 24, 2021.

PGRI also asked the management of the implementation of the PPPK ASN selection to be improved so that in the future it will be more professional, transparent, and accountable. Unifah said that Indonesia’s education sector was in an emergency with a shortage of teachers.

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Then, PGRI asked for the PPK selection for honorary teachers aged 35 years and over, carried out through a process between them by considering the period of service, dedication, and performance. Regarding recruitment for honorary teacher who are in the 3T area, a selection process is carried out among fellow honorary teachers in the area by considering their period of service and dedication.

The government is also asked to review the difficulty level of technical competence which places too much emphasis on cognitive aspects. The trick is to provide fair affirmations of accumulative values ​​in the form of linearity, years of service, portfolio, achievements, selection values ​​for managerial, socio-cultural competencies, and interviews.

Taking into account the large number of honorary teachers who did not reach the passing grade of technical competence, he said, the government had to review the validity of the test kits. The long service of honorary teachers should not be erased by the results of a technical competency test that assesses only cognitive aspects.

“Those who are declared not to meet the selection threshold will still be given the opportunity to participate in the selection in the future after going through the capacity building process,” he explained.

Finally, PGRI requested that future ASN teacher recruitment be carried out through the CPNS and PPPK channels.



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