pharmacists in Nord Pas-de-Calais ready to go for vaccination

The government wants to avoid re-containment at all costs and this requires an acceleration of vaccination. The Haute Autorité de Santé recommends that nurses, midwives and pharmacists in turn enter the system. The 2,100 pharmacies in Hauts-de-France are ready, according to David Alapini, the president of the order of pharmacists in the region: “We must call on us, since obviously he lacks the arms to prick. Imagine, if a pharmacy carries out 10 vaccinations on average every day, we could very quickly reach the figure of 20,000 per week.”

A confidentiality room dedicated to vaccination

In this pharmacy in Mons-en-Baroeul, near Lille, a dedicated room is already installed. It has been used for three years in the flu vaccine. “This privacy room is ready to use”, explains Jean-Michel Foiret, its manager. “This year, we vaccinated nearly 350 people against the flu. What would change with covid is the management of appointments since an opened vial must be used very quickly. And then you have to stay with the client for a good quarter of an hour, to make sure there is no allergic reaction. But one of our pharmacists could devote himself exclusively to the vaccination. “

a “confidentiality” room has been installed for the flu vaccination, it is ready for the covid © Radio France
Sophie Morlans

The pharmacy also manages stocks for general practitioners who can, since February 25, vaccinate patients aged 50 to 64 with comorbidities. Nearly 28,000 doses have been ordered in the region, but not all have found a taker, far from it.

Out of 12 general practitioners within a radius of 50 meters, only one applied for vaccination

Around this pharmacy, there are 12 general practitioners within a radius of 50 meters. Only one applied for vaccination. The pharmacy therefore received three vials, the one ordered by the doctor and two relief. “That’s 20 doses sleeping in our fridge”, deplores Jean-Michel Foiret. “That’s how it is, we keep them in the hope that we will be able to use them soon …”

This request seems to be shared by customers. Behind the counter, Emilie Lenglet, the assistant pharmacist, responds to their requests on a daily basis. “Because it is not easy to go to a vaccination center, because it is sometimes complicated to have an appointment with the doctor, every day we are asked the question.” Some have even asked for a waiting list to be opened.

We want to play our part to get out of this crisis as quickly as possible

The team is hoping for a green light from the government soon. “The goal is to get out of this crisis as quickly as possible. We want to vaccinate, and we want to do it quickly.”

Grégory Tempremant, president of URPS pharmacists, the regional union of health professionals, will be the guest of France Bleu Nord this Wednesday at 7.46am

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