Phase 3 very close: Hugo López-Gatell


Phase 3 of the health emergency “is very close,” said Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, after the report that there are 8,772 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the country with 712 deaths and 9,653 suspects.

In addition, Mexico City is the entity that concentrates the majority of positive cases of coronavirus and where the most recent and active cases with outbreaks at the community level are also being registered.

In second place is the State of Mexico and in third place is Baja California.

How close we are, we are very close. I have been saying for fifteen days that phase 3 is coming, the times are approaching. As we have said, consideration of Phase 3 depends on several factors, not only on the number of cases, it depends on community dispersion and these community outbreaks.

Also when there is a confluence of these outbreaks and you begin to see a sustained transmission in different regions of the country. And in general the cases number in the thousands, when we have regionalized it, we see this pattern where there is a phenomenon of transmission that is self-sustaining between the communities, ”he explained.


Hugo López-Gatell reported that after the meeting of the General Health Council (CSG), which met this Monday, it was proposed that given the difference that exists in the dispersion of Covid-19 cases, both at the state and municipal levels , mobility should be segmented in order to reduce the intensity of coronavirus transmission.

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For this reason, he explained that it will be the Ministry of Health, which will establish the guidelines for the segmentation of mobility and the state authorities, in charge of monitoring compliance with the regulations.

To the extent that there is this difference in transmission intensities, we do not want people residing in a municipality with higher transmission to move to a municipality with less transmission.

Neither is the opposite, that is, from a low transmission municipality we do not want them to go to a high transmission municipality because they will spread the disease back, ”he explained.

The Undersecretary of Health added that the CSG is already analyzing the way in which it can be carried out, the lifting of the measures of the National Day of Sana distance – next May 17 -, only in municipalities with low transmission, which at their Once again, containment measures must be taken to continue without registering Covid-19 cases.

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