Phil Foden beats Raheem Sterling and Danilo in Manchester City shooting contest

Manchester City starlet Phil Foden may be struggling in front of goal as he gets the better of team-mates Raheem Sterling and Danilo in a shooting contest.

The trio took part in the two attacking drills featuring the 'Make Your Move' series.

With the exercise developed by England's striker Allan Russell, all three players on goal.

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Phil Foden got the better of team-mates Raheem Sterling and Danilo in a shooting contest

Sterling and Foden watch on as Danilo steps up

Foden came out with a sudden death free kick after him

After Sterling had a free kick, Foden whipped his piece back across the goal to win it

The first time we went to the net and we played all the music for the world's best offensive players.

The winger then finished one of his chances from inside the box but the target completely with the other, leaving him with nine points overall.


The former Real Madrid is starting a long distance. His final shot into the top corner.

Danilo volleyed his first effort from close range past the goalkeeper before sending his final goal. He finished with a respectable five points.

Foden was the third and final man to step up. He has scored in both of his last two appearances under Pep Guardiola.

Alan Russell at Man City's headquarters

He went first and was deadly in front of goal

The England International hit one of his close-up range over the bar, costing him points

Danilo was the next to go full-back

He struggled inside the box though and sent a looping header over the bar

After scoring all three efforts outside the box, Foden finished with an outrageous flick

Sterling watched on open mouthed as Danilo puts his hand on his head in disbelief at the effort

Foden was eventually declared the winner and now he'll be targeting more first-team minutes

The 18-year-old rolled into the back of the net, with the second and a delightful chip over the goalkeeper, leaving Sterling and Danilo applauding on the sideline.

Things took a turn when he ran inside the box though. Foden tried to finish the first part in the box with an outrageous flick but got his timing wrong and sent it back the way it came.

On eight points with just one left, Foden had to make it to level with Sterling.

He sprinkled the ball with his hands on his head and Sterling exclaiming 'Oh my good god'.

With Sterling and Foden both on nine points, Russell insisted they take part in a sudden death free-kick playoff.

Fuden stepped up and sensationally whipped back across goal and into the top corner, meaning he was the winner.

Guardiola will be able to maintain their pinpoint accuracy when they resume their Premier League title defense against Wolves on Monday night.

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