Philippa Strache is allowed to move into Austria's parliament


It is still unclear whether Heinz-Christian Strache's wife Philippa will continue to work for the FPÖ.
Picture: EPA

Will Philippa Strache get a national council mandate? Yes, says the Vienna state election authority after a long uncertainty. Previously, the FPÖ had decided not to give her a ticket for the parliament.

PHilippa Strache is now allowed to move to the Austrian Parliament as a Member. This was announced by the state electoral authority after a meeting on Wednesday in Vienna. The FPÖ had previously decided not to give a mandate to the 32-year-old wife of former FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache. Legally, the FPÖ Strache could not withdraw the mandate, the authority said. It remains unclear whether Philippa Strache will continue to work for the FPÖ or, after internal disagreements, become a non-attached MP. She could also completely renounce her mandate.

Philippa Strache had run on list three of the Vienna FPÖ. Due to the poor election results of the right-wing party at the end of September, however, only two MPs continued to appear on the state list. The provincial electoral authority now had to decide whether the candidate lined up in front of her must accept his direct mandate or move into Parliament via the state list. The second option would have Strache denied entry into the National Council. Their role as animal welfare officer wants to withdraw the party Strache, according to media reports.

Her husband Heinz-Christian Strache is accused of miscalculating expenses and thus put party items in their own pockets. Philippa Strache should also have benefited. The prosecution determines Strache rejects all allegations.



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