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In a family with two children, shopping before the new school year is an integral part. Dace Krieviņa-Bahmane’s sons Markus and Emīls take it very seriously – both are guided not only by their sense of style, but also by their wish list.

The fashion expert reveals: “While the youngest son loves cartoon characters and colorful prints, the older son prefers street style and is more confident and insistent in his choice. My role as a mother is to facilitate this process and, given the diverse assortment, to provide recommendations to make them feel great when they return to the school bench – the bag should be both stylish and practical! “

Hiding color prints

Every child’s imagination and taste are different, but all children have one thing in common – colors and joy of life. Often this is reflected in the child’s clothing, however, in order not to create a feeling of abundance, D. Krieviņa-Bahmane recommends finding a compromise and dedicating the color print or print only to yourself and not to others.

D. Krieviņa – Bahmane says: “I personally choose one-tone clothing, but I am also in favor of the child not being deprived of the pleasure of wearing colored animals and prints. My recommendation is to find a compromise. One way is to choose clothing in which the print is hidden. A vivid example is jackets, hats, which are immediately visible when the color print is removed, but when it is on the child ‘s back, no one else is visible.

It is such a small pin that makes a child happy, but does not look flashy.

Another suggestion for wearing to create fun and joy is colorful socks and other small accessories that will not make the overall look too intrusive, but at the same time allow the child to express himself while maintaining his style. “

Using a backpack at different ages

Wearing a backpack is very different for different age groups. While young people like to change their bags every season, the quality of the bag is more important for younger students and their parents.

“It is important for parents that the little student feels comfortable and the school bag does not cause health problems, so one of the most important criteria is the weight of the bag – it should be as small as possible. The bag should be spacious but comfortable. Of course, various animals and cartoon characters, but I would like to remind you that when buying a bag for long-term use, such an article could change the child’s position in a year.

Therefore, I recommend that you first offer to choose an unobtrusive, possibly even one-color backpack, so that its use does not end in the first season. In turn, young people aged 14 to 16 follow the fashion trends and it is important for them to look stylish, so the purchase of a bag is allowed every season, “points out Dace Krieviņa-Bahmane.

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