PHOTO ⟩ A traitor has infiltrated the Ukrainian armed forces and spied on warplanes

The Security Service of Ukraine (UDD) has detained a person who spied for the interests of Russia. He was mobilized in the armed forces of Ukraine to collect information about warplanes.

It was revealed that this is one of the informants of the aggressor country, who was detained by the UDD counter-intelligence unit as a result of a larger operation.

“The detainee is a resident of Crimea, who supported the Russian invaders in 2014 and stayed temporarily on the occupied peninsula. There he received a passport with the citizenship of the Russian Federation and voluntarily registered in the military service of the invading country”, comments the UDD.

Later, a representative of the Russian special service made an “offer” to the man for secret cooperation.

Thus, guided by the aggressor’s instructions, before the start of a full-scale invasion, the man went to the Mykolaiv region, where his relatives live.

“The territory of the southern region, he was supposed to collect information about the deployment and movement of Ukrainian soldiers. For this purpose, he was mobilized in the Armed Forces last year,” the report said.

Being in one of the Ukrainian military units, the man conducted reconnaissance of warplanes and their location.

He was also interested in collecting information on ammunition depots and fuel and lubricant storage facilities.

UDD officers detained the man while he was conducting reconnaissance in the interests of the aggressor.

Referring to the investigation data, he remotely transmitted information to the occupiers through his ex-wife, who lives in Crimea and is in contact with the Russian special service. He used an anonymous messenger for communication.

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